You are a designer, have an idea. Don't know how to apply it?
We have dozens of ideas for you to use. If you work with branding, corporate identity, in advertisement industry or just you have some extraordinary design ideas, this resource is for you. bellow you will see how all this works.
how it works
Design: Test your design ideas on various products
Design: Just 1 step to see the result
Design: Find more solutions here
Design: Use it in your business
Design: All this works on HTML5 browsers only
Corporate Identity: Highlight your company among others
Corporate Identity: Just 1 step to see the result
Corporate Identity: Find more solutions here
Corporate Identity: Use it in your business
Corporate Identity: All this works on HTML5 browsers only
Advertisement: Think wider about your Ads
Advertisement: Just 1 step to see the result
Advertisement: Find more solutions here
Advertisement: Use it in your business
Advertisement: All this works on HTML5 browsers only



Thinking too much about promo actions, preparing exhibitions, working on indoor/outdoor advertisements, arranging corporate presentations you can easily lose important great ideas for your company.

Check out the list below, maybe you will find an interesting and extraordinary offer for your company. To get a feel of your idea, you just need to upload your company's logo to the template you choose.


You did it! You've got marvelous design idea. Have you ever thought about bringing your design into life? We give great options for implementation of your idea: T-shirts, postcards, copybooks, MacBook sticker, etc…

You will spend a lot of time thinking where to apply your idea prior to even realizing the final product. With us it is fast and easy: upload and see the new product with your design.

Identity and brand

You do understand that company's logo, corporate colors and fonts are not the complete set of company's identity.

We offer more. Visualize your creative ideas and guidelines to your clients. Let them see the final product: business cards, envelopes, corporate paper, year books, folders, brochures etc.

Simple as it is, upload your image and get the clear image back for your client.


We collect ideas for you to play.


Please, use Safari or Chrome browser, otherwise you wouldn't be able to see the graphical content. This site uses HTML5 standard features, and not all browsers supports them.

Use .jpg, .png, .gif files, not more than 2 Mb.


  • Choose a template in Playground
  • Download a sample to understand how to place your image
  • Create a new image and upload it to the template
  • To save the result, press "Convert to JPEG"
  • Drug and drop it to your desktop
Step 1: You have a great design idea, company's logo or your own vision of corporate identity. Step 2: Find product that you want to test. Step 3: Get a sample picture, and create your own that fits to mask. Step 4: Upload your artwork, convert and get jpg back. Try some more items. Your design ideas could fit perfect on some other products. Use Ads-plus playground to find PR solutions for your company. Think of indoor / outdoor advertisement, and company's style.
How to use

How to start

PR Plan

  • Exhibition and shows
  • Promo events
  • Indoor / outdoor ads
  • Corporate presentations

Find here exactly what your company needs. Do not spend money producing the only one sample, get a thorough understanding of the final product just in seconds and for free.

Design Plan

  • Printing process
  • Material and size
  • Production cost
  • Manufacturing process

Experiment on this site, find products which are great with your design. Think of future development — great ideas should not die.

Branding Plan

  • Guidelines and brandbooks
  • Some extras for specific business types
  • Think of some PR Plan items

Give some offers for your client to choose. Let him see some corporate products for understanding your guidelines. We do believe, that quality images will give some good impression.


Please drop a line with your info, if you'd like to help us, or you have some interesting ideas we could implement.

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IN GREAT IDEAS. Don't throw away yours. Please, write us.

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